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BBC Radio 4 - Today Programme (18/03/02)

Interview of P V Satheesh by James Naughtie

JN: The first UN conference on financing development is starting in Mexico. The main debate there is going to be about aid – bluntly put – ‘good or bad’? But here’s an example of something interesting going on. In one region of the world a sustainable farming group is actually rejecting a British aid project that is worth about sixty-five million pounds. It is going to lobby today to press the point. More >>>


The Locals Know What Aid They Need (21/03/02)


This week ministers from rich and poor countries have gathered in Monterrey, Mexico, for the United Nations conference on development finance. Although we hear so much talk about "winning the peace" and the "new internationalism", the conference isn't yet packing in the media. War is a lot sexier than peace, and commandos make for much better photo opportunities than aid workers. More >>>


$170-million British grant? No thanks, say Indian farmers

They say the aid for helping Andhra Pradesh state to set up large-scale mechanised farms growing genetically modified crops would hurt small farmers.

By Alfred Lee
More >>>


Diary (05/04/02)

Matthew Norman - Guardian

Nice to see Clare Bomber Short on our letters page directing people to the Vision 2020 document on the Andhra Pradesh government...
More >>>


The Greatest Folly Of Our Age (15/04/02)

Colin Tudge - New Statesman

Clare Short believes that rural India needs more hi-tech. Wrong, wrong, wrong, argues Colin Tudge. The farmers themselves know better. More >>>


NFU Countryside (01/06/02)

Jonathon Porritt

Say what you like about Clare Short (our much admired Secretary of State for International Development), we certainly know where she stands on any issue. Even when she’s told to keep quiet on something particularly controversial (such as George Bush’s desire to bomb the hell out of Iraq)... More >>>


UK Aid For India Sparks Row (18/07/02)

By Alex Kirby - BBC News Online environment correspondent

The UK Government's overseas aid ministry has accused two researchers of "gross misrepresentation" of some of its policies in India. More >>>


GM firm recruits Short's aid adviser (14/09/02)
Activists criticise business-government link

John Vidal - Environment Editor - The Guardian

One of the most senior civil servants in the Department for International Development has left to join Syngenta, the world's largest agribusiness and second largest GM food company. More >>>


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